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Top Rated Products

Semi Permanent Eyebrow Extensions Enhancement Salon Kit - Semi Permanent Eyebrow Extensions Enhancement Salon Kit for building and sculpting 3D brows that last for up to 4 weeks with good care.

4Longer 3D Brow Building Eyebrow Extension Medical Grade Glue - Clear specially formulated medical glue which is used on the brow and skin. And last up to 4 weeks with good care. For Professional Use.

Grow Grow Hair 100% Hair Growth Serum - A completely natural and incredibly effective hair growth serum for men and women.

LashBlack Professional Pre-mixed up to 3 Week Semi Permanent Mascara – Made in Europe. Now Even Thicker. Eyelash coating that tints giving colour whilst creating thicker fuller and longer looking lashes.
LashBlack Remover is the highest level performance adhesive remover / glue remover. Our remover can be used with all of the LashBlack product including the removal of eyelash extensions. For best results apply with microbrush swabs. Leave on for a few minutes then remove with a cotton swab. This remover is for Professional Use Only.
LashBlack Primer is designed to remove residual cosmetics and natural oils to prepare the lashes for eyelash extension application. Our Primer will cleanse and prime lashes for maximum bonding of the adhesive.
Magic Instant Bigga Lashes & Brow Fibers: 2 in 1 - Eyelash and Brow Extensions in a Jar - for lengthening, shaping, sculpting and filling in brows. Available in Black, Dark Brown, Light Brown & Blond

SILK STICKERS under Eye Pads for Eyelash Extensions Best selling eyelash extensions pads protects the lower lashes. Hypoallergenic and comfortable. No skin or eye irritation for your client.

Professional LashBlack Semi Permanent Mascara - 5ml - European Professional Premixed Non Clumping Semi Permanent Mascara Eyelash Extension Coating. Adds colour and creates thicker fuller longer lashes. Waterproof, smudge proof & last up to 3 weeks.
Coming Soon: Semi Permanent Eyebrow Extensions Enhancement Salon Kit. 3D Brow Building & Sculpting – last up to 4 weeks!
Ultra Diamond Pro professional Eyelash Extensions Glue: fast drying, strong hold, long lasting Medical Grade European Glue. Dries in 2 seconds. Lasts 4-5 weeks!

Senses for Sensitive Eyes: Eyelash Extension Medical Grade Glue. Low odour, perfect for Educators and Beginners. Dries in 10 seconds. Lasts 3-4 weeks.

Real Mink Individual Eyelashes 100% Real Handmade Lashes – mixed lengths 4,000 lashes per tray. Soft and weightless.

Professional Eyelash Extensions Coating Sealer – prolongs the life of your Eyelash Extensions & Semi Permanent Mascara 4Longer.

Welcome to the one-stop shop for affordable beauty products. VZ Hair and Glamour Ltd are passionate about beauty and glamour, which is why we aim to bring you premium products without the premium price tag.

Our assortment for Home and Beauty Salons

Our product range is ideal for beauty buffs at home, professional beauty therapists and hair salons on the lookout for the latest innovative products at the best prices. With a penchant for the latest fashion looks ourselves, VZ Hair and Glamour Ltd know exactly what will work wonders and help you create a beautiful look you can’t wait to show off.

Our most popular products for professionals are:

LashBlack semi-permanent mascara (best price and best in the market)
Magic Instant Bigga Lashes Fibers (inform for resell prices)
4Longer Real Mink Individual Eyelash Extensions,
4Longer Medical Grade Eyelash Extension Glues,
4Longer Protective Coating Sealer for your falsies eyelash extensions
4Longer Silk Eye Pads (best price and best in the market)
4Longer one-step soak off nail gel polish range which lasts for up to three whole weeks!

Our most popular products for beauty buffs at home are:

Magic Instant Bigga Lash and Brow 2 in 1 Fibers, which can help you create HD brows in 60 seconds! It also dramatizes lashes, making it an efficient 2 in 1 product for eyelash extensions and HD eyebrows, the latest must-have in all beauty kits.
Diet Slimming Perfume
Hairycure – Permanent Herbal Hair Remover
ENVEE unique statement jewellery

Thank you for shopping at VZ Hair and Glamour your premier supplier of affordable beauty supplies. If you have any questions before ordering with us, please contact us here. Or call us on: +44 (0)755 492 5551. If you’d like to be the first to know when exciting new products hit our range, sign up for our newsletter.