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I really like this easy to use product and so does my clients. I use it a lot for Brides as it last for weeks long enough time for their honeymoon too. I also recommend it to my clients who are going on holiday as it is waterproof and they can swim with it. It only takes […] - Only takes me 30 minutes in total
No clumpy messy look is what I get with this new lashblack semi permanent macara. I can keep building on the layers easily without it drying out too fast and looking like a complete mess. And the price was good too. Thank you lashblack. - Thank you lashblack.
What a relief Lashblack is made in the UK. I don’t need to worry whats in the formula or where its coming from. And in these times when money is tight this product is affordable, gives brilliant results and it last for three weeks. It is a lovely British product which needs no maintenance at all. - Just Brilliant!